Even though we have pastors and staff at First United Methodist Church, we believe that all of our members are our ministers. The majority of the ministry work done here is accomplished by our church members, who are led by a loving staff, who are passionate and committed to God's mission in the church and world.

Serving In Our Ministries

We are a Church that has many ministries going on, at the same time. Some of the best ways to get connected are through small groups and through volunteering. Consider the following opportunities for serving:

Sunday Morning/Worship Ministry Opportunities


Contact: Dana Starling – dana@starlingmarine.com Anyone over the 4th grade is invited to participate in being an acolyte. These servants, often children/youth, help in the Sanctuary services by carrying the Christ Light and lighting candles.

Coffee Fellowship

Contact: Jennifer Dudley – jdudley1@ec.rr.com In between services, we offer coffee and refreshments in our Atrium. All three services are invited to attend and meet new faces.


Contact: Jim and Ellie Buckingham – jim.buckingham@ec.rr.com The greeter team is present before our worship services to welcome people, show individuals where to go, and answer questions about the Church.

Multi-media Ministry

Contact: Pastor Sarah Williams –sarahwilliams521@gmail.com. Our video ministry has grown in recent months, and we provide videos of our Sanctuary services and The Rise, both on Time Warner Cable and the internet. We also have multiple connections to the community through our website and Facebook. We could use help in any of these, if you are interested.

Preschool Praise Choir

Carly Williams -- carlyflorawilliams@gmail.com This is a choir for children in preschool, at least two years old. We practice after The Rise, in the Fellowship Hall, and lead worship at different occasions.

Rise Band

Contact: Jason Ketchum -- jlketchum6@gmail.com The Rise Band leads worship in the 9:45, contemporary service. Singers and musicians are invited to try out for the Band. We need a keyboardist now, if anyone has experience, please pray about helping us lead worship.

Sanctuary Choir

Contact: Ralph Wade -- rwadejr@ec.rr.com This choir sings at the 11:00 Sanctuary service and at other times. Rehearsals are at 7:00pm on Thursdays.  

Sunday School

Contact Pastor Sarah at 910.389.8584

The Rise Ministry Team

Contact: Carly Williams – carlyflorawilliams@gmail.com The Rise Ministry Team is responsible for handling the many facets of worship life in this 9:45 worship service. Do you have experience in working with a worship backdrop/environment, computer, sound board, greeting people, mass communication, leadership, or team building? Would you like to help in any of these ways? We would love for you to be part of the team!


Contact: Mike Saleeby – wmsaleeby@gmail.com Our ushers offer a few different services, associated with directing people during worship, at the Sanctuary services. They also gather our tithes and offerings, and bring them to the altar, as we give them to God. who is present in Sunday School and carrying the tally between classes.

Youth Choir

Contact: Pat Davis – darvivis1@gmail.com Our youth choir is a growing group, mostly middle school young ladies, which learns and sings a diverse range of music. They also lead worship at different times, in both the Sanctuary and Fellowship

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