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Summer Sermon Series

This summer, we will take a look at two of the most significant followers of Jesus—Simon Peter and the Apostle Paul. In “Upon this Rock” we will see the transformation of Simon the fisherman into Peter the Rock. Peter was often impetuous but also bold in his faith. The same Simon Peter walked on water, but later denied Jesus three times. In “In the Footsteps of Paul” we will track with the Apostle Paul as he journeyed out into the reach- es of the known world—to Philippi, Ephesus, Corinth,, Galatia, and eventually to Rome. As Paul journeyed he carried the Good News of Jesus with the power to transform cultures and communities and ultimately, the hearts of men and women everywhere. Join us this summer for worship at 8:30, 9:45, 11:00, by livestream at 9:45 or through our app (FUMCmhc).


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