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Long Term Hurricane Recovery Mission

There will be ongoing relief efforts for years to come, following Hurricane Florence and any other hurricanes that impact our community. The United Methodist Church is both present at the onset of disasters and for the "long haul" as they are cleaned up. In addition, FUMCmhc supports Carteret Warriors for Recovery Alliance with prayers and resources where possible.





Family Promise

Family Promise of Carteret County provides a way for churches to work together to help homeless families. Each congregation serving as a host site in the network provides overnight lodging and meals for three to five families for one week each three months on a rotating basis. Network "guests" stay in each congregation from 5:00PM to 7:00PM daily. Each morning guests are taken to the day center where they meet with the Network Director, develop their personal plan of development, care for their pre-school children, make phone calls and seek housing and employment. Family Promise enables us to meet important basic needs of homeless families in our area. Families with children make up the fastest growing segment of the homeless pupulation. Usually over half the guests in the Network are children, and most of the children are under the age of six. Nationally, over 5,000 congregations participate in Interfaith Hospitality Networks with literally thousands of volunteers who help families regain their independence. First United Methodist is a Host site for Family Promise together with 12 other host churches in Carteret County. We are joined by our support church, St Andrews Episcopal Church in our efforts. This is an exciting opportunity for us all to be the "Hands and feet of Jesus". Volunteers are always needed for the various tasks that are required to host a week. During Host Week, a congregation might typically require thirty to fifty volunteers. Volunteers are need to provide supper and breakfast, stay overnight, drive a van to transport the guests, transport and set-up bedding, and break-down bedding for transport to the next church. Call the Church Office to Volunteer. 

Backpack Blessings

Backpack blessings is a ministry that helps children who are at risk of not eating to have food over the weekend. The ministry fills backpacks with enough items for the children to eat over the weekend, takes them to a local school, and the children take the backpacks home. The backpacks are picked back up and refilled for the next weekend. Sponsor a Backpack Blessings Child for just $10 a week. Make Checks to FUMC/Backpack Blessings. Food items: Peanut Butter (Plastic Container, SMALL size) Squeeze Jelly (Plastic Container, Dollar Store, $1) Individual Sandwich Crackers (Lance crackers or like) Saltine Crackers (4 sleeves to a box) PreCooked Mac & Cheese (Chef Boy R Dee) Cereal (Individual size boxes, WalGreen-Pkg 8/10) Canned Soup (POP TOP ONLY) no cream soups, please Chicken Noodle, Chicken & Stars, Vegetable Raisins (Individual boxes) Beanie Weenies (small cans) Pop Tarts/Breakfast Pastries Sugar Free Jello & Pudding Cups Apple Sauce (Individual size cups) Vienna Sausage (small cans) Spaghetti & Meatballs, Ravioli, Beef-a-Roni (POP TOP ONLY) 100% Juice Boxes

Other Local Ministries

Martha's Mission is a food bank in Morehead City, which is sponsored by FUMC and many other churches and organizations. They are always in need of help, and you can find more information for yourself or someone in need, at their website. Hope Mission is a ministry which has several facets to it, ranging from substance abuse recovery to feeding ministries. Find more on their website. The Salvation Army administers many programs and services designed to restore broken lives, to build healthy relationships, and to develop and encourage people of all ages. Find more on their website. Caroline's House is a ministry that fights against domestic violence in Carteret County and seeks to provide shelter for those suffering from it. They have more information on their website. The Broad Street Clinic's mission is to provide access to medical care for the uninsured low income population in our community. Find more about them at their website. The Seaman's Center is a ministry which seeks to serve those who come to Morehead City as a port for the seafaring vessels they work on. They can be reached by a couple different phone numbers. Ekklesia is a housing ministry project which provides low income, Section 8 housing to those in need, in Morehead City. Find more information here. Habitat for Humanity in Carteret County is a part of the "Crystal Coast" Habitat, which is under Habitat International. Their mission is to bring people together to build structures, communities, and hope. Here is their website. The Peer Recovery Center offers resource for those with mental health/substance issues, including peer-to-peer communication, information clearinghouse, and a recovery-focused environment. You can find them on Facebook.


Rise Against Hunger 

This is another feeding ministry, and one which is focused on eradicating hunger worldwide. We will pay for a certain amount of food — consisting of rice, soy protein, and seasoning — and package over ten thousand meals, which will then be shipped all over the world. See more at the http://stophungernow.org

Work Teams

Whenever the need arises, we will send teams to do work on specific jobs. Sometimes, it may be team-building work, for those going on the Costa Rica Mission Project. Sometimes, it will be need of a community member, which has come up. Other times, it could be to help some of our neighbors, at different organizations, like other churches or ministries.

Project Christmas Cheer

This is a ministry, which is housed at our Church campus, and it seeks to provide love and gifts to families who are experiencing financial hardships, so that their children may receive gifts at Christmas time. In 2014, we helped to serve over 1,000 children! You can find more at their website.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child seeks to do much the same thing that Project Christmas Cheer does, except on a global level. One of our United Methodist Missionaries, to Eastern Europe, sent the picture featured here, from when children he serves received Christmas Presents, through this ministry. This picture is the look on their faces, as they were about to receive these gifts. For some of them, it was the first present like this they had ever been given, in the love of God.